The Waves

The most wave rich area on Earth! The Mentawai Islands have become one of the most sort after surfing destinations for surfers all around the world. The options are almost endless from playful, fun non threatening waves for intermediate surfers, to the most challenging and adrenaline pumping barrels, it is all on tap here!

Within 2 to 20 mins from John's Place there is at least 11 named waves that break in various swell, wind and tide conditions. Cahn (see surf guide profile) has the matrix of variables down to a sixth sense and will make sure you are on the best waves ! Some of these waves include:

This is a fun walling left that has at least two or three defined sections. Close to John’s Place these waves are great for surfers looking to cruise without any crowds! We can check what G4’s is doing from Johns Place verandah!

As the name suggests this left hander hooks around the reef and runs down toward John’s Place. Depending on the size, tide and swell direction hookers can be a playful long left to a challenging down the line beast with tube sections. Another rarely surfed gem on your doorstep!

A super fun, non threatening left that can be surfed by all levels of surfer. Have a blast on your fish or twin fin while your wife and kids enjoy themselves too!


The swell magnet. Often known as a big wave spot that holds its shape at any size and doesn't max out. Icelands is also fun when it is smaller too and is regally surfed.

Suicides Rights
From 2-4 feet this wave can be really fun and ripable, then when it gets bigger its for the experienced only with long funnelling barrels ! Like a lot of waves in Indo it is reliant on tide and swell direction.

Ombak Tidur
Another swell magnet close to home. Ombak Tidur is a large playing field of peaking right handers that then stand up and run along the reef. When it is bigger this is another challenging wave that you can ride a bigger board.

Ombak Tidur

A spitting left barrel ! The swell line comes in and bends into a horse shoes left barrel with one or two sections. This wave packs a punch so make sure you have a spare board!


One of the best left handers in Indonesia! from 2-10ft+ this wave keeps its shape and offers up multiple tube and turn sections. The wave breaks into a large lagoon and has its favourite swell, wind and tide conditions like most breaks.

One of the most consistent and reliable quality wave in the area! Scarecrows has many moods. When it is under 4ft it is really user friendly and has 2 or 3 take off sections. As the swell increases it really starts get more serious and turns into a down the line wave with a couple of great tube sections.

7 Palms
Seven palms is another swell magnet of the area and is fun a walling left with a workable tube section that breaks from 2-4 feet and starts maxing out at about 5 feet. This is another go too spot when there is not allot of swell.

7 Palms

Secret Spots
Believe it or not they still exist in the Mentawais. These spots are known to only a handful of people, some of them fickle and some forbidden to operators. If your lucky you might get to see and surf one of these hidden gems.

Secret Spots