Sustainable Surf

We aim to do our part and more, to keep our footprint as small as possible in this amazing part of the world. Treading lightly wherever we can is a balancing act that John invested in, with his vision of a long term sustainable residence that employs local Mentawai staff and gives back to the local community where possible.

The pillar of John’s Place sustainability is the 27 kilowatt solar power system. This system is start of the art technology with a huge commercial style battery storage facility, that can last days (depending on power consumption) before a back up generator kicks in to top up battery levels. The solar runs everything from lights, power, air conditioning, water pumps, pool pump and filter units.

Hot water is provided through the ever reliable solar hot water system.

All of our water is collected rain water, something we are very lucky to have an abundance of in the Mentawais is rain. Local rain storms are almost a daily occurrence and this is collected and filtered for drinking and everything else. Upon arrival you will be gifted a “John’s Place” stainless steel water bottle. This is for you to use for the duration of your trip, refill as required and then you can take it home with you and hopefully keep using. When we go out surfing or snorkelling on the boats a large master water container will be used that you can use to refill on the boat.

Sustainable Surf
Sustainable Surf

Our supplies are carefully selected with waste minimisation in mind, therefore reducing the amount of waste we have to deal with on island. Plant and food waste is either fed to animals or returned to the earth to biodegrade naturally. Paper, timber and non toxic waste is burned off during normal burning activities that happen from time to time. Plastic waste is collected and returned to Tuapajet. This is then shipped to Padang where recycling is presently conducted. A future recycling facility future is planned for the not too distant future in Tuapajet.

Our waste water goes through a sewerage system that safely returns water to the earth and solid waste taken care of naturally (worms) without any impact to the environment.

Any large hardwood trees that wash on to the island are collected and pulled up the beach using John’s earthmover. The logs are then milled by a skilled local operator using a large chainsaw, and then used for building projects on the island or given to neighbours.

Our new 10.5 Meter Kahajaya Marine boat is fitted with 2 of the very latest 250HP four stroke engines and moving forward as new outboard engines are in need of replacing they will be fitted with four stroke engines also.

Lastly but very importantly, “John’s Place” provide a significant donation every year to the “Perfect wave Foundation”. This is having an impact in the local town of Tuapajet on the neighbouring island, with their recycling program. Our beaches are kept clean and plastics recycled.