The Surf Guide

If you think you have already met the most “Frothingest” surfer then think again! You have to meet Cahn Mitchell. Cahn is 42 years old and his hunger to surf quality waves has led him to an amazing life in the Mentawais.

Originally from Margaret River W.A. Cahn has been frequenting the Mentawais since the mid 1990’s and has been living full time in the Ments for the past 11 or so years, most of which was spent in his now wife’s local village. In 2009 Cahn started working with John and Ainsley Ocean, together they built their surf resort Togat Nusa whilst surfing the areas best waves.

Cahn’s skills as a surfguide have been sought after by numerous charter boats and he has also spent time working at nearby Alloita resort.

In 2016 John Waitzer offered Cahn a new position as his go too man, to assist with running his property and to do what he does best, find the best waves every day!

Surf Guide

Cahn's Family

Cahn and his beautiful family live a few minutes away from the house, and will take great care you!